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Triathlon Basics

Open Water swim with seasoned triathletes, novice, beginners and lifeguards!

Do you really think I can finish a triathlon?

Yes, I do. If you’re reading this, the chances are pretty good that you could finish a triathlon. You’re interested in fitness, and in endurance. As long as you pick a triathlon that’s realistically suited to your abilities, you can finish.

What you really need, ultimately, is to want it bad enough. If you do, you will finish.

What are the typical triathlon distances?

• Ironman: 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run

• Half Ironman: 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run

• Olympic Distance: 1500 meter (.93 mile) swim, 40k (24.8 mile) bike, 10k (6.2 mile) run

• Sprint Distance: usually about one half of an Olympic Distance race

• Super Sprint Distance: Usually about one-quarter of an Olympic Distance Race

Tri for Jimmy Sprint: 0.3 mile swim, 13 mile bike, 3 mile run

Tri for Jimmy Super Sprint: 300 yard swim, 6.3 mile bike, 1 mile run

Do I need to have a strong background in one of the events?

Not necessarily. While you will encounter athletes who swam in high school or ran cross-country, many new triathletes are approaching these events for the first time. 

I’ve heard that a triathlon swim is rough, and people even try to swim over you; true?

True, however the talk about the swim typically surpasses the reality, which is: there are no lane markers, everyone’s trying to go in the same direction, some with more success than others. Yes there is occasional contact, but it’s unintentional. Do not take it personally, just keep swimming. 

Rule number 1: STAY CALM!

Do I need to buy a lot of expensive gear?

No. It’s possible to compete in a triathlon with equipment you have in your garage and your closet. I don't recommend large purchases until you know you like the sport and will participate again and again. 

What if I have more questions about Tri for Jimmy than what is covered here?

 Please contact the race director at triforjimmy@gmail.com or 413-244-2506. 

Tri for Jimmy Specific info

Founded as a Sprint Triathlon with .3 mile swim, 13 mile bike and 3 mile run the 16.3 logo was born.

What skill level or age requirements are there for Tri for Jimmy?

Either of these races are great for beginner or seasoned triathletes, and all persons 11-years and older are welcomed and encouraged to register and participate. 

Is Tri for Jimmy a kids race!?!

Not exclusively, but it is the perfect environment for anyone over the age of 11. Each year we have had 11 year olds participate in both Sprint or Super Sprint dependent upon their skill level and comfort.
The open water swim is very calm, small swim waves (no more than 75). 300 yds or 528 yds (0.3 mi.)
The bike is relatively flat, one long gradual climb on open roads (there are cars on the road) with volunteers and signage along the course. One loop (6.5) or two (13).
The run is a simple out and back for either distance. 1 mi. or 3 mi.
Read the  rest of this FAQ page for more information or contact the race director with your question. 

Can I volunteer - Yes please, go here for signups

What are the age groups for Tri for Jimmy?

As a USAT sanctioned event we use the USAT age groups outlined below. 

The official USAT Age groups are 0-15, 16-17, 18-19, 20-24, and 5 year brackets through age 84, 85+. 

So Tri for Jimmy's youngest age group is 11-15.

I'm interested in entering my 11 year old daughter. She has done tri's previously...


... She will be 12 in July. Online it looks like two different courses for participants. Which would she qualify for?  I guess I was wondering, how old are the kids who typically do the bigger course? 

Kids are welcome in either event. Some 11 year olds have done the Sprint, many have done the Super Sprint (shorter). I defer from directing as that is up to you as a parent and your athlete - same course for bike with open roads either way. One loop or two. Her ability is judged best by you both and I welcome her to either event. Attend the clinic, preview the course, pre-ride the course and get a sense for it. You can change courses up until the Thursday before race day.

I would like to compete in Tri for Jimmy but this would be my very first triathlon...


Would you recommend this being a good race for a beginner? 

(Emphatically!) Yes! This is an ideal race for a beginner. Consider attending our Triathlon Clinic on two Saturdays before the race at 3PM at the race venue – DCR Hampton Ponds State Park. 

I am extremely hesitant and would really like someone by my side throughout, is that an option?

Contact the race director to discuss a potential "shadow". 

Do's and Don'ts of Tri for Jimmy (and other triathlons)


No Audio devices allowed

Can I do the run wearing my IPOD - some races don't allow it for safety reasons... But as I am a VERY beginning runner it really helps keep me moving and motivated - thanks!

No you cannot run wearing your IPOD - Audio devices are not allowed in USAT sanctioned events. From the USAT rules:
3.4...i. Unauthorized Accessories. No participant shall, at any time during the event, use or wear a hard cast, headset, radio, personal audio device, or any other item deemed dangerous by the Head Referee. Any violation of this Section shall result in a variable time penalty.
6.3 Permitted and Illegal Equipment. Any participant who at any time wears or carries a headset, radio, headphones, personal audio device, or any other item prohibited by Section 3.4(i) shall be subject to a time penalty.

What do you do with sneakers and shirt while you swim?

 During the event there is a secured (by volunteers) area referred to as a "Transition Area" where all athletes gear is maintained. 

If this foreign to you, I highly recommend attending the Triathlon clinic for familiarization

*There will be a $5 fee per attendee.

Clinic: June 1st 3PM

Transition Area? Bathrooms? Start? Finish?

Find out more

Will bikes be available? Or do you bring your own?

Bikes are not provided, each athlete planning to participate in the bike leg (ie: a relay participant - who plans to bike or an individually registered racer) must bring their own functional bike. In addition for each athlete having their own bike, they must have a helmet. 

Visit our sponsor New England Bike in Southwick if your bike needs a review or if you need a bike upgrade



1. Only helmets approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) may be used in USAT sanctioned events. Helmets must be worn at all times while on your bike. This means before, during, and after the event.
Penalty: Disqualification 

Packet Pick Up

When is packet pick-up? Do you have to do it the day before?

No, packet pick-up is not available the day before. Packet pick-up is on race day (tentatively) from 6:15AM - 7:30AM in DCR Hampton Ponds State Park - look for signs at pavilion adjacent to the transition area/ parking lot.

Race Day Specific Information


Raceday Timeline

5:30 Gates Open 

6:00 Pre Reg Pick Up/ Transition Opens   6:15 Packet Pickup/ Body Mark   

6:15 Race Day Registration Opens   

7:30 Registration Closes   

7:45 Transition Area closes - Announcements/ Q&A/ National Anthem   

  • *8:00  Sprint Wave 1   
  • *8:00 + ~:04  Sprint Wave 2   
  • *8:00 + ~:08  Sprint Wave 3   
  • *8:00 + ~:12  Sprint Wave 4   
  • *8:00 + ~:30  Super Sprint Wave 1   
  • *8:00 + ~:34  Super Sprint Wave 2   

*All times  are approximate - pending weather, course requirement and race director   discretion.   

*8:00 + ~:8  First swimmer out   

*8:00 + ~:10 First Cyclist on course, led by motorcycle           

*10 Sprint Bike End cutoff   

*10:40 Super Sprint Bike End cutoff   

*11:00 AM Park Open to public - Course Closed    

Volunteer Registration

Sign up to volunteer here, athletes, family and friends.

Service groups welcome to volunteer


T-shirt order due May 25th

Preregister by May 25th to ensure your T-shirt size selection.
T-shirt are ordered for preregistered athletes by May 25th, and assigned accordingly with the extras in order of registration.

Race Day Registration is available

Race Day registration is available.

My personal opinion is... I sign up in advance. I put my efforts where my money is, when I financially invest in an event, I am more motivated to train, focus, prepare, commit etc. See the above comments regarding race "readiness" and experience recommendations.

There is an increased cost for race day registration

*Additionally online registration is open until 11:59PM on 6/6/2019.

Register today

Registered participant updates due 6/6/19

Can I change my registration distance after I am registered, is there a deadline for these types of changes?

Your registration can be updated, including to transfer between duathlon, triathlon, etc. or distances until online registration closes at 11:59PM on 6/6/2019. 

Also as we have a no refund policy, we allow transfers to another athlete in advance.
No race day changes will be accepted for pre-registered athletes.

Additional info, Clinic, etc.

The 16.3 logo has been the brand and medal of the event since 2009.

Will there be a Triathlon Clinic again in 2019?

Yes, Tater Racing with the help of some local athletes will be hosting the clinic this year, mark your calendars, on two Saturdays before the race at 3PM at the race venue – DCR Hampton Ponds State Park in Westfield on Route 202. Bring your gear to try out all events.

If bad weather is possible on Saturday, is the clinic rain or shine?

I would have to say yes,rain or shine. There are overhead pavilions available.

See clinic details here.

Should we bring our swim, bike, run gear to the clinic?

Yes this is an interactive clinic. Every year athletes went out and did the course upon the completion of discussion with assistance of the clinic coordinators and really boosted their confidence. 

Would I need to get a wetsuit for this triathlon?

To wear a wetsuit or not is a personal choice, they are allowed, but not required for this race. Here is a great article about it... We have great news regarding wetsuits, too.

Once again Fast Feet in Westfield, MA - your new local aquathlon (swim and run) shop, will be carrying TYR rental wetsuits for athletes interested in trying out a triathlon wetsuit. Fast Feet 26 Elm Street Westfield, MA 01085 (413) 485-0058 fastfeetinc2@comcast.net

Contact Fast Feet for details.

Is a triathlon wetsuit different than other wetsuits?

Yes, drastically. Review the article from BeginnerTriathlete.com

Course maps?

Where is information on the website about where the bike and run take place?

The links for the course maps are on the Course tab, click below

Where is the swim, bike and run? Courses

Is it possible to get a refund for entry fee for any reason? No refunds are available...

... but registration fees are transferable.

Due to the nature of the triathlon being a fundraiser we publish our guidelines as "No refunds allowed." So I am sorry to inform you that it is not possible to get a refund. However, we are open to transfer of entry, if in fact you have another person interested/ willing to participate. Please contact the race directors at triforjimmy@gmail.com if you would like to do this. 

Why is there a required USAT 1-Day license fee and waiver? What is it for?

A USAT license and waiver assumes liability for event participants, and by sanctioning the race all participants are required to be licensed on a single-event permit or annual membership. Click this link, if you would like to learn more about USAT membership. If you think that you may do one more triathlon in a 12 month period from registration date then it may benefit you to apply for annual USAT membership.

USA Triathlon is the national governing body for the sports of triathlon, duathlon, aquabike, winter triathlon and aquathlon in the United States. Participation in a USAT sanctioned event means the event director has the proper permits in place, liability and athlete excess medical insurance coverage and the event plan has met the standard of organization required. USA Triathlon provides rules, guidance and governance to set the standard for safe and fair multi-sport races. For more information on USA Triathlon and fueling the multi-sport lifestyle, visit their website at http://www.usatriathlon.org.