JK from Team Chocolate Milk - travels from Washington DC

Chocolate milk at the finish line!!! 

Patrick W, Florence, MA

Westfield Wave was my first ever triathlon in 2012 after breaking both my elbows earlier that year.  I had a great time and met a lot of very friendly people.   The race was very well organized.  Now that I am getting back into the sport, I think it will be a great kick off race for me on my way to my first 70.3 later this year, 2018.   

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Elena F, Holyoke, MA

I try to do Wave triathlon every year because it's fun, well-organized, affordable, and a great course. Plus, the race director is really nice. :) 

Thanks Elena :) - Lisa

Heidi R, Florence, MA

I’ve been doing the wave or the past 7 years, but had to miss last year as my daughter graduated from high school on the day of last years race- am looking forward to racing again this year! 

John and JoEllen R, South Deerfield, MA

Westfield is my "Season opener". I like that it is local, relatively inexpensive (for tri's), has a great vibe, and a decent course. I think you do a great job. It helps my getting into shape better under race conditions. I also like to see the newbies get helped along and intro to the sport. JoEllen and I might do 5-7 races in a summer; we both prefer the sprint + olympic distance but have also done 3 half distance events (we each have a brick from 2014 Savageman 70.0 if you're familiar with that one). Last year, we did our first Xterra off-road race and plan to do that one again. After completing a newly offered Olympic distance race at Pumpkinman last Sept I became a bit over enthusiastic in registering for this fall's event when I selected the half distance - so I've got my training work "cut out for me". I'm kind of rambling... but I'll always talk tri. 

John, I so appreciate the comments - Lisa

I don't want you to think that I am being disrespectful in not hanging around for the awards - I always do. However, this year we're also 'signed up' (not yet officially) to run the Lake Wyola Road Race which starts at 10:30 in Shutesbury so we have to leave Westfield immediately to get there. I'm the organizer for the SMAC Series (15 races from April-Nov) and am expected at most of the events. We've done this before and with some luck we barely arrive on time. Which brings me to a question about the start time in Westfield - is the tri swim start first? 8AM? or is the duathlon before it? 

Thanks John and JoEllen... The Sprint Triathlon will start at 8:00AM, weather permitting :) - Lisa 


Scott W, Westfield, MA

I have been doing local western MA 5k/10k races. 

I am returning to the Wave because it is an awesome local race.  Last year was my first race and I had a great time.

Derek B, Enfield, CT - been racing this since it began in 2009

Keep coming back out of tradition and it's a fun race. 

This is a fun race for beginners to experienced. 

The route is great because it doesn't cross any intersections so there is no worry of traffic. 

Jim F, Northampton, MA

I like the tri because it's a nice, well co-ordinated race, accepting of beginners and regulars alike. I always encourage first time triathletes to try this race. Race director remembers my name , which is pretty awesome. 

Always good to see you at other local events :) - Lisa 

Karen S, Belchertown, MA

I like that it’s local and not huge with hundreds of people racing. Last year was my first time racing the Wave  and I thought it was well organized and a decent challenge for me as a newbie. 

Gwen F, Broadbrook, CT

Happy to be doing this for a second tri.  My brother recently passed away (52 years old) and I am doing my second event in his honor.   

My first experience 3 years ago (at the age of 55) was a great one with you and your team so I thought it was the best place to be.

From the Race Director - Lisa

Thank you all for the kind words regarding the triathlon, which is a very personal endeavor for me. I began this Triathlon as a way to introduce triathlon to the community as a whole. I do it for the love of the sport. I want it to be accessible to all who have the desire to "Tri". I want newbie to experience the joy of the sport, not be intimidated by the distances.

I have never been small, fast or talented, but I still participate in long distance triathlons as a goal and an accomplishment for my own self preservation. I find the greatest pleasure in the training. Race day is payday and playday for all of that hard work.

The Jimmy Fund is important to me and I support it in many ways, this is just the newest. If you'd like to volunteer there are other events in Western Mass, please follow the Jimmy Fund Council of Western Massachusetts  (JFCWM) on Facebook - Thanks from me the President, Lisa

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